Food Testing Labs In Bengaluru

Food testing is essential as we know that contaminated food can lead to food poisoning.

For ensuring food safety, analysis of food is extremely important. It follows that the food we consume should be safe in all aspects and should not harm the body.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that the food production process should have a rigorous monitoring and testing component built into it.

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Food Testing

Food testing in Bengaluru is essential as it reflects the diversity of the cuisine available. Roadside vendors, tea stalls, hotels and restaurants are all a part of the food industry in the city. It is important that Food Business Operators (FBOs) ensure food safety at their premises. Food Testing is the solution to all food safety issues.

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Nutritional Labelling

Nutritional labels are the informative section on the food packaging that list the total nutrient contents of the product. Nutritional labels help consumers make informed choices by maintaining transparency with them and prevent the intake of food products that can prove to be hazardous for health.

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Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation relates to evaluating consumer food or beverages that precisely defines and measures senses like sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing and feelings. food products are checked for the above parameters which help manufacturers and marketers in the decision-making process.

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Shelf Life Testing

Shelf life of food products is a time period until which a food product is safe for human consumption. Shelf life analysis is essential for all packaged food products in the market. It is important in ensuring that the nutritional value and integrity of food products are maintained throughout the shelf life that the manufacturer claims on the label.

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Commonly, shelf life analysis is understanding and identifying the duration of the product from its manufacture/processing to its consumption, during which it must stay fresh and of good quality.

This video explains –

1. Terms for Explaining Shelf Life
2. Regulations on Product Life by the FSSAI
3. Estimation of Shelf Life
4. Uses and Benefits of Analysing Shelf Life

Food products tested for shelf life can range from processed foods to agricultural commodities – from the field to the store. Testing can be conducted on raw materials and the product itself during its processing and production stages. It can also be conducted on finished products. This gives a rising need for a Complete NABL Accredited Testing Lab in Bengaluru.

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Food Testing means the field of use comprising the in vitro measurement, observation or determination of one or more protein or nucleic acid targets of an organism in a sample obtained from food and/or sources of food intended for human consumption in order to determine if that food is fit for consumption.

The best way to get your food tested is through a reputed food testing lab in Bengaluru. Equinox Labs’ Bengaluru branch carries out the implementation of the latest technology and real-time auditing on tabs for quicker results.

To ensure the safety and quality of any food product, food analysis or food sampling can be carried out by an FSSAI-compliant laboratory. For a food analysis, a sample food product is to be drawn, packed, sealed and sent to an authorised laboratory to analyse the safety and quality of the food item.

Food testing labs like Equinox Labs, perform the scientific analysis of various food products and their ingredients before they are made available for consumer consumption. As a part of Equinox Labs’ food testing services, we also provide information about the composition, structure and physicochemical characteristics of the food.

Food testing labs in Bengaluru are crucial in the entire product approval process, from the beginning to final stages. They generate all the food analysis and safety data (from clinical trials) that is required in the application process. Further, Section 22 of the FSS Act indicates that food analysis data should show data on ingredients. Other parameters include label claims (such as in energy drinks, and functional foods like dietary and health supplements) and shelf life study data. Find your nearest Food Testing Labs in Bengaluru right here!

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