Test Sensory Evaluation

Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation or organoleptic testing of food is essential to understand its mass acceptance by the target consumers. This helps a food business understand the changes that the product requires to cater to before its launch in the market.

7 ways in which sensory evaluation will be useful for food businesses in Bengaluru:

- Compare similarities/differences in a range of food products

- Evaluate a range of existing food products

- Analyse food samples for developments

- Gauge responses to a dish/product, e.g. acceptable or unacceptable

- Explore specific characteristics of an ingredient or dish/food product

- Check if a final dish/food product meets its original specifications

- Provide objective and subjective feedback data to enable making informed decisions


How the product looks, its arrangement and packaging

The texture of the product, its stability and nature

The odour/fragrance of the product

The presence of certain ingredients, the overall palatability

The crispiness and/or the sturdy nature of the product

Nutritional Labeling

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